We know that searching for a job can be a challenging and sometimes drawn out process. Staffing agencies are here to help you get noticed and land positions that match your qualifications at companies that are hiring. Here are some resources to give you more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of benefits do staffing agencies offer contract employees?

Many staffing companies offer a full menu of benefits to eligible employees and their families including health insurance, vacation or holiday pay and retirement plans. Eligibility and scope of benefits depend upon the type of position, hours worked and location.

How long does it typically take to get a job?

The process can move quickly or slowly, depending on the type of role, the hiring company’s timeline and the job seekers availability.

Do I need a resume to work with a staffing agency?

Although a resume is not a requirement for all staffing firms, it is highly recommended that you have a resume or similar work history when applying to jobs or working with a recruiter. A recruiter will be able to submit your resume to prospective employers, thereby increasing your opportunities for employment.

Will I be charged a fee to use your service and who determines my pay rate?



What are the advantages of working with a staffing firm?



I've never used a staffing agency before. How does it work?




Contract, Contract to Hire, Direct Hire -What’s The Difference?

The 3 most common job assignment lengths. Learn which may be best for you!

5 Reasons to Work With A Staffing Agency

Get hired faster, build your resume, try out the job before committing permanently

My Personal Experience Working With A Staffing Agency

Contractor, Sara P, talks about the pros and cons of working temporary assignments.


Looking for work is HARD work - we get it!!  A recruiter will work one-on-one with you and may have access to positions that otherwise may not have been available. They can get your resume in front of the right people and use deep relationships with companies from a variety of industries to match you with positions you’re qualified for. That means you don’t have to spend as much time searching and sending resumes. Here are a some infographics that visually show what to expect when working with a staffing agency.

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