Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Create a Consistent, Efficient Recruiting Process

Your success is dependent on the caliber of people you hire. With a growing demand for talent, and a continuing shortage of talent, keeping up with recruitment demands can be difficult for fast-growing organizations. When businesses don't have dedicated recruiting resources, they turn to an RPO Solution to enhance and strengthen the effectiveness of their hiring process.

At DAVIS, our scalable RPO programs center around the mission to help organizations improve their overall hiring. Working from your offices, ours, or virtually we've provided proven solutions for over 30 years and understand that RPO is more than just filling seats - it's about building a strategic partnership with accountability that ensures a consistent talent pipeline. From sourcing and interviewing to on-boarding and training, we work collaboratively, with our clients, to design a proactive recruitment strategy.


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DAVIS RPO Solves Workforce Challenges By:

Improving Time To Hire

Enhancing Candidate Experience

Increasing Quality of Hire

Reducing Costs

Improving Governmental Compliance

Providing Verifiable Metrics

3 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Models

DAVIS offers 3 comprehensive RPO Solutions that address your specific talent and business objectives including enterprise, selective and project based hiring.




Management of the entire recruiting function of a client's organization.  From initial contact to candidate screening, interviewing, hiring, background checks, candidate on-boarding, and everything in between - we work collaboratively, as a unit, to streamline processes and free-up internal resources.



This is the transferring of specific parts of the recruiting process to increase the quality of candidates, the efficiency of the process and reduce costs. For example, this may include the sourcing of candidates or screening applicants and then handing them off to an internal HR department.



Management of the recruitment process to meet short term hiring goals.  Same elements as enterprise RPO, but defined by a specific scope of time and/or positions. For example, you might use project-based RPO to hire for a new location or to staff a team that will need to be in place by a specific time or for a specific project.


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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We design a solution that builds on your company culture and employer brand to attract, recruit, and retain the people you need to transform your business. Here is a list of features that build the foundation of our RPO programs:

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • Requisition Management
  • Candidate Sourcing Programs
  • Screening/Assessments
  • Interview Management
  • Reference/Background Checking
  • On-Boarding & Off-Boarding Initiatives
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics


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Recruitment Process Outsourcing