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Episode 38


Brooks Farrar

Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Resilience Fitness
Enjoy our conversation with Brooks Farrar, Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Resilience Fitness. This College athlete changed schools, majors and sports, tried Wall Street and found his passion in exercise science. He worked so hard in the early years of starting his gym he actually slept there for more nights then he wants to admit to. He’s learned it’s ok to ask for help and has gained the maturity to know that you don’t need to do it ALL yourself. Enjoy this conversation with this entrepreneur who is focused on building an amazing community of families and helping them on their wellness journeys.

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Episode 37


Sheridan Benard

Account Executive, EMSI
Listen to Sheridan Benard share his story which started by him taking a job before graduating! He spread his last years coursework over two years. . . why? He’s someone with maturity beyond his years and loves a challenge. He’s someone who loves what he does, but he didn’t take his role at EMSI primarily for that, Mark and Sheridan both stumbled into roles they love which is an interesting discussion. Sheridan discusses some of the data that companies are using right now to make decisions specifically on how to hire talent, where the talent is and the external factors that employers and candidates are dealing with. They touch on being in the office and how they view this new hot button item in the workplace!

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Episode 36


John Smith

Managing Director, Americas at CXC Global
Check out this conversation with John Smith. “You’ve got to have passion to get out of bed in the morning.” From his first job as a paper boy, to working for Budweiser in College (yes he wore the “Budman costume”), the hospitality industry, and he talks about how he leveraged those skills into his role today, working in the global business community. CXC partners with companies to help them manage their contingent workforce globally. Mark and John discuss some of the nuances of working with colleagues both domestic and abroad, and the cultural differences of populations around the world, specifically around work ethic. This is a great podcast for those who are interested in learning more about staffing, Managed Service Programs, Risk and Compliance.

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Episode 35


Adam Knihtila

Fractional CFO and Accounting Firm Owner
Check out our conversation with this accountant turned CFO and hear how he used content creation and technology to grow his business. His journey from studying education in college, to being an actuary, to doing tax returns 10 hours a day to taking the leap and going out on his own and the chances he took and lessons he learned. He’s learned how to embrace and share his business wins. And he loves and is quite good at golf. Enjoy the conversation with Adam.

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Episode 34


Quinton Porter

Former NFL Quarterback turned MarTech, Data, and Digital Activation Business Executive
Enjoy this great conversation we had with this former NFL quarterback. He shared great stories from his time at BC with Matt Ryan, playing in the CFL and his first job working in the daycare center of a local gym-but didn’t change diapers there. He talks about overcoming injuries and what it was like playing football in stadiums that had more people in them than his hometown. He shares his focus on self-reflection and how working for free for a private equity firm led to his focus and commitment to helping start-ups grow. He lays out 3 pieces of advice that people at all stages in their career can use.

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Check out this awesome interview with Quinton From Athlete To Entrepreneur: Former NFL Pro Quinton Porter On The 5 Work Ethic Lessons We Can Learn From Athletes

Episode 33


Erin Jansky

Chief Employee Experience Officer, Worcester Housing Authority
Our conversation covered Erin’s love for Mac and cheese, craft beer and how her drive and enthusiasm helped her get to the “C Suite”. Her path took her from legal to higher education to her sweet spot of helping people and how she learned at every job she’s had, even if the job wasn’t a good fit for her. She realized how important community was to her and focused on contributing and getting involved and giving back and that has been fulfilling for her. And she can swear like a trucker. Enjoy our conversation with Erin.

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Episode 32


Jonathan Nilsen

Senior Counsel, Manager of Legal Affairs
Enjoy our conversation with this philosophy and psychology undergrad who loved to read and ended up at law school in Boston. Jonathan started out doing contract law work for several companies. He took chances along the way. A great relationship with a headhunter prepared him for a new opportunity. Listen to our conversation here.

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Episode 31


Megan Evangelista

Diversity Team Lead, University Relations
Megan is high energy and a highly motivated person and has always been focused on helping students. From higher education to running a college recruitment program, she’s always loved the “a-ha moment” when working with students-when it all comes together. She talks about interviewing 300 students a year and how a “Thank You Note” is still an important way to stand out after an interview. She also shares her rookie mistake at a networking meeting and the power of internships. Enjoy our conversation with Megan.

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Episode 30


Armando Semedo

Operations Leader
This former National Guardsman has a problem solver mentality. He shares his story of growing up in West Africa, moving back to the US and how he learned to be his best self by being raised by his grandparents. He talks about how he became successful by making mistakes and how those mistakes helped him grow. He explained how most large cities currently have programs using autonomous vehicles and why he likes this industry so much. And he shares the importance of making his bed every day.

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Episode 29


Ryan D'Wolff Munro

Senior Manager, Merchant Partnerships & Strategy
Enjoy the conversation as Mark and Ryan, High School classmates catch up. Ryan shares his career journey starting with a story of coming to terms with what he learned after pursuing an entrepreneurial opportunity that didn’t come to fruition. He explains his path from the legal profession, to Wall Street to an MBA to his current role using all of his skills managing a team of strategic partner managers. This father of 4 with infant twins said he enjoys cold calling as a learning tool and as a way to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Ryan also talks about his commitment to being more mindful, practicing patience and the power of luck and timing in your career.

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Episode 28

Charles Manning

Business Owner, Firefighter, Community Leader
Grab a beer and listen to this conversation between Mark and his dear friend Charles. Charles’ family hosted Mark when he traveled to Australia in 2009 and their relationship has grown ever since. Charles and his wife Janice run a boutique consulting firm, working with large organizations and helping to shape their culture through growing and influencing people. Charles and Mark discuss how the pandemic is different on opposite sides of the globe and then they explore some very heady topics, including the difference between employment and work, and most notably why leaving a legacy is a big motivator for him.

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Episode 27


Linda Wertheimer

Author, Journalist & Speaker
Enjoy our conversation with Linda K. Wertheimer, who is not the Other Linda of NPR fame, though she too is a journalist. Learn about Linda’s path from reporter at such newspapers as The Orlando Sentinel and The Dallas Morning News to Education Editor at The Boston Globe and to author. Her first book, Faith Ed, Teaching about Religion in an Age of Intolerance, was published in 2015 by Beacon Press and has won several awards, including second place in the Religion News Association nonfiction book contest.  From working in the Kmart cafeteria to babysitting and now doing public speaking on the intersection of religion and education, hear how she chose journalism after a summer program rather then following her dream to be a classical flautist. Linda shares her tips for getting started writing professionally and the importance of a community to support you during the process.

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Click here to buy Linda’s book, available in hardcover, paperback, e-book or audio, on Amazon or here to order from your favorite Independent bookshop. Faith Ed also can be directly ordered from Beacon Press here.

Episode 26

Jim-Wall-episode-26Jim Wall

Retired Executive
This successful HR executive’s first job was a grave digger, yes, really! He shares the lessons he and his firm learned from the 9/11 tragedy and how to focus on connecting and connectivity and how it’s still important today. He reminds us that most of the “jobs of the future” haven’t been created yet and shares one of his favorite quotes from Colin Powell “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier”. Learn how his masters in Higher Ed helped him transition to corporate America and make a difference at one of Big 4. Enjoy our conversation with Jim Wall.

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Episode 25


Laura Thompson

Entrepreneur and Corporate Dropout
Enjoy our conversation with this self proclaimed corporate dropout. After a successful corporate career as an executive in HR, Laura decided to refocus her business experience to build another income stream (in wine!) that allowed her more time with her family and has never looked back with any regret. She’s always been focused on helping others grow and that hasn’t changed. She says that one of the keys to success and gratification is being honest with yourself about what your strengths are and following them! Also, hear about her success in CrossFit and how she ranked #37 of her age group through focusing on the mindset needed to compete at that level.

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Episode 24


Christian Apollon

Sr Manager, Business Excellence
Enjoy this conversation with Christian, who is full of energy, passion and ambition. We get to dive into Christian’s story which is fascinating, including global consulting gigs and a train ride to Paris that he never expected to end the way it did. After his story we dive into some of his perspective on the world, why he’s focused on getting better every day!

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Episode 23


Steven Feifke

Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator Steven Feifke
Learn how this NYU graduate combined his studies of music and economics to make his passion - music - his career. He shares his feelings on the "Freelance Philosophy" - that no amount of work is too much work - is wrong, and how he balances writing music, teaching, performing and growing his social media presence and engagement. He shares some mistakes to avoid, his advice for recent and soon to be graduates, and how he has pivoted his business during the COVID pandemic. Listen to our conversation with Steven here.

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Episode 22


Nina Eigerman

SVP Alliances & Business Development: The conversation covered “developing your expertise” to “passion not being enough” and how Investment banking wasn’t a good fit for her.  This highly motivated individual wears a skirt and shoes every day while working from home and then changes her clothes at the end of the day to relax. She shared her career path from consulting to staffing to software and what she learned along the way, from literally making the bagels in Brooklyn to executive roles in several industries to her current role at Bullhorn.  Listen to our conversation and enjoy.

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Episode 21


Ravi Kulkarni

Owner & Entrepreneur: Our conversation with Ravi covered his education and early career growth in India from working for a company as a Product Development Engineer and Sales Engineer to starting his own manufacturing business in India and his journey to moving to the US and becoming a formally trained executive business coach. He talks about compassion and empathy and how important it is to say “thank you” to your employees. He told us about starting a scholarship in upstate New York as a way to give back to the local community. His personal level of self- awareness made him realize his passion for helping businesses and individuals succeed and thrive and it underlies in everything he does. Listen to our conversation with Ravi.

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Episode 20

Ryan Mannion

Entrepreneur: Ryan is a friend of Mark’s and overall an impressive individual who set some aggressive goals early on, including making his first million before he’s 30. We discuss where this thought process and drive came from, the decisions he knew he would have to make eventually, and why he packed up everything and moved to Texas to follow his dreams!

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Episode 19

Krysta Van Ranst

Learning and Development Consultant: Enjoy our conversation with Krysta Van Ranst. This morning person moved to Boston on a whim with 2 friends and stayed. This marketing and business major fell into learning and development at one of the areas largest construction companies which opened doors to her being part of Trip Advisors growth. She shares that she loves building things from scratch and loves to watch people become successful and recognize their own growth. This avid reader, who’s first job was cleaning her mom’s office, doesn’t really have any regrets from her career decisions and shares some great book suggestions to inspire people. Enjoy our podcast with Krysta Van Ranst.

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Episode 18

Nick Hutchinson

Founder and Education Activist:This self proclaimed “student of the world” has created a community focused on inspiring readers to maximize their potential. Nick shares his journey from insecure and introverted high schooler to an influencer that has created a community with over 92,000 Instagram followers and how a public speaking class changed his life senior year. Last year he read over 70 books, this year he’s reread 30 and has a goal to read 60. His company BookThinkers created an app that allows you to organize your books and notes and revisit them periodically to maximize retention. Throughout the episode he mentions some of his favorite books and some of his favorite quotes and hear about his morning miracle cocktail that he prepares every night before he goes to sleep.

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Episode 17

Kathie Mahoney and Leslie Parady

MassMEP Leaders:Our first podcast with two (2) guests. We welcomed Kathie Mahoney, former center director and Leslie Parady from MassMEP. And as it turns out they went to High School together and didn’t know each other and they worked together for over 10 years. Kathie enjoys hot yoga and Leslie loves the New York Times Hard Sudoku and they’re both glad to see more women getting into manufacturing. Neither of them are doing what they thought they’d do after college. Come listen to their career advice and their favorite quotes and guess who likes to eat whipped cream out of the can.

Episode 16

Nick Van Nice

Executive Coach:Listen to Nick’s story of walking away from a career path that had him as a regular expert on TV news casts to how he found his calling as an executive leadership coach. This spiritual man starts his mornings early, very early and meditates and how growing up on a farm, being a sport fisherman and Tony Robbins Personal Power made him an early riser. He shares why it’s important to “pay your dues” at the beginning of your career to learn about “people, process, profit”. Nick has coached over 1000 people and shares some of books he recommends (Crucial Conversations and the 8th Habit) and why writing down your goals and sharing them make it 75% likely to hit them. Enjoy our conversation with Nick Van Nice.

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Episode 15

Lynn Turner

Business Growth Strategist: Learn about Lynn’s “Non-Lynn-ier” career path that zigged and zagged over the years … from her medical focus in college to becoming a branding specialist working with the NBA and Warner Brothers/Looney Tunes to how she started her own business while pregnant and how that didn’t work out. These various experiences along with following her mantra “Be aware of opportunities, they come in different shapes and forms” led her to starting a Leadership Coaching business and radio show that showcased others in her profession and why she didn’t think of them as competition. Lynn has never been afraid of reinventing herself and trying new things and it has paid off.

Working is part of her DNA and she has trusted her gut to make decisions over the years. Today, she along with her business partner help others make important decisions for their lives and businesses through the use of their decision-making framework. Enjoy our conversation with Business Growth Strategist, Lynn Turner.

Check out her company Clear Vision Alliance

Episode 14

Lori Jones

From running a day care from her home to starting a manufacturing company with her husband Lori explains why “Life is all about how you handle Plan B” and how she has embraced that quote as her career evolved. She shares stories about being a woman running a manufacturing company in the energy industry and how responsible she felt for her employees and worried about their success. Now as a professor and start-up coach she shares why she stresses volunteering to learn new skills, meet new people and the importance of business exploration classes for students. Enjoy listening to our conversation with Lori Jones aka Lorraine Jones.

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Episode 13

Tieg Bean

Director of Finance and Accounting, Tieg and I explored his path after college, which included starting at a smaller firm, going to Deloitte and then realizing the big 4 and big business wasn’t the best fit for him, and since then his desire to be at smaller companies. He spoke about the assessments he took to figure out what his career would be, describing it more as a process of elimination, the need to fail! Lastly we discussed what we think office environments will be like post pandemic!

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Episode 12

Greg Lazarus

Chief Revenue Officer: His journey from German National Lacrosse, to cold calling local businesses, to Chief Revenue Officer. He moved 8 times in 12 years, all for new opportunities and growth. He talks about having “Imposter Syndrome", why he’s practicing being fearless and how he passed out before going bungee jumping. This 30 something has made the conscious decision to take more risks and it seems to be paying off as he is embarking on starting his own business. Check out our convo with Greg Lazarus.

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Episode 11

Chris Cardoza

Photographer & Filmmaker: Hear stories about Chris’s first job making pizza boxes at a pizzeria in Fall River, MA to making videos with Pro Football Player JJ Watt at his house. One of his favorite projects is “Shooting Touch” a video docu-series he shoots and supports in Rwanda. This program’s goal is to promote equal access to physical activity and wellness. He talks about the amazing athletes he’s worked with, famous and not, and the challenges of starting his own company. He shares why he doesn’t want to be tied to a studio but prefers to work his own projects and documentaries and how he’s undaunted by failure.

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Episode 10

Adam Kolloff

Owner, Pure Drive. Adam is someone who followed his dream and it led to other opportunities along the way. We talked about how good parenting and mentoring were vital to his current success. Why Tiger Wood’s father Earl was a great motivator and mentor and why today’s parents get it wrong! Learn why someone who was successful decided to take the risk and go out on their own and the role that personal brand can play in your success. And yes he has played @PGA section events and won Golf Digest's Best Young Teacher's Award.
#golf, #PGA, #PGATour

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Episode 9

Tim Therrien

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Clean Harbors. A mini podcast with Tim Therrien, a former DAVIS employee, joins us to talk about his employer Clean Harbors. Their employees are on the front line providing decontamination services and they need to hire over 300 people serving 50 locations nationwide. Learn about what it’s like to do this type of work and why armed forces, fire fighters and construction workers succeed in this environment. Join us for this short episode and help us spread the word about the good work they’re doing and help them find more top talent to help them.

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Episode 8

Michael Zildjian

Stand Up Philosopher. This self-proclaimed stand up philosopher is focused on kindness and how he can contribute to that. From being a record and concert promoter to stories about Dave Grohl, the nicest guy, to some music legends who weren’t so nice, Michael shares his stories and his unique journey.  He tells us about his “Kindness Matters” bracelet and how the Boston Marathon Bombing affected him so deeply that he moved back to the Boston area and is focusing on how he can be of service to his community and to the world. Also, he wrote a very interesting book that talks about the parallels between life and golf, called Zilosophy on Golf: Observations on the Parallels Between Life and Golf. Enjoy this podcast.

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Episode 7


Bob Davis

CEO/Chairman The DAVIS Companies.  From starting a business in his basement to growing it to over $50MM, Bob Davis shares his thoughts about his journey, his feelings on leadership and why relationships are so important to him. Hear his views on managing, making decisions and what traits to look for and why he deliberately let’s people make mistakes. This amazing CEO (and yes we’re biased) shares his story about his first job delivering newspapers in Camden, NJ and what gets him fired up.  Enjoy this episode with Bob Davis CEO The DAVIS Companies

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Episode 6

Mark Dondero

mark-dondero-episode-6Radio Host. “Pay attention to what brings you joy”. From college baseball to hosting radio and tv sports shows, Mark Dondero has had a pretty cool career so far.  He‘s asked Patriots coach Bill Belichek tough questions, skated with the Providence Bruins and Jimmy Kimmel used one of his clips on his show. Learn why he wrote his high school athletic director a thank you note and why he tells the kids at career day “Pay attention to what brings you joy”.  Check out this episode with Mark Dondero

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Episode 5

Dean Dorazio

dean-dorazio-episode-5CEO Wakefly. From the Marine Corp to how he became CEO of his own tech company, Dean shares the scariest day of his life- when he got fired.  Learn about why his “Lead by example” mantra is intentional, why he focuses on working smarter and how he turned his biggest failure as a business owner into daily motivation! Enjoy our conversation with this interesting guy who loves Saturday am soccer and really good BBQ. Dean Dorazio, CEO of Wakefly.

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Episode 4

Meredith Harris

Meredith-Harris-Executive-Director-MEDCExecutive Director, Marlborough Economic Development Committee. “Be unapologetically who you are”. She never thought she’d go into public service and now she heads the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation and is focused on attracting and retaining business in the city. From her first job in a hair salon to why her wedding cake was a replica of City Hall, Meredith Harris shared ideas and insights into how she got here and what she’d tell her 22 year old self- it has to do with student loan debt. Listen and enjoy our conversation with Meredith Harris!

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Episode 3

Ann Whittaker

brendon-davis-episode 1Head of People and Culture at Vicarious Surgical. You'd never guess that this high energy people person who has been on the ground floor and helped shape, grow and hire several teams of brilliant engineers loves to hang on the couch and read with her 78 pound Black Mouth Cur named Miss Dos who hails from Georgia.  Ann recounts her adventures in start-ups, including her hopes for her newest role. During our conversation she touches on nurturing people, communicating with leadership teams, her words of balance and her thoughts on leadership-it's not about power.  Her career path went from fashion and expanded into administration and communications, higher ed and being a women in the early days of robotics. Join us for our podcast with Ann Whittaker; it will keep you engaged and wanting more.





Episode 2

Brendon Davis 

brendon-davis-episode 1Digging deep to problem solve. DAVIS President talks to our host about his career path in a family business. How to navigate working with family members and how to improve on your own areas of weakness.  Hear how he started his first business giving water skiing and wake boarding lessons as a teen to how he handles being accountable to all in his life, business and personal.  And why he's embraced journaling.   Listen to his story!


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Episode 1

Patty Flaherty Donahue

patty-flahery-episode 2There's this saying in life "It's all about who you know" - and Patty knows just about everyone! Hear the secrets to her personal connection focus and why.  Learn her journey from humble beginnings lying about her age to get a job as a "store lady" to becoming one of Greater Boston's better networked professionals!







Meet The Host


Mark Agostinelli

A born leader and communicator who inspires trust and is the kind of guy you look forward to sharing a beer with.

After talking to thousands of hiring managers and technology leaders Mark learned successful careers don’t follow obvious career paths.  Beers and Careers intends to document these career paths and the stories that accompany them.

When he’s not creating solutions to help his clients get the best talent, you’ll find him skiing Alta, searching for Kangaroos down under, on a golf course…but most likely with his wife, 2 sons, and dog in his backyard!

Why did we start Beers & Careers?

I always thought of people who had great success as unattainable and that they must be perfect . As I've started to have some of my own success, and more visibility into companies across industries of all sizes. I've learned how messy the career path is, it's about failing forward, and that careers aren't linear. Also along the way, I've met some fascinating people I want to share with the world!

Currently podcasting is my favorite medium for learning and because of that I thought it only made sense to share my experiences this way. I’ve met, been mentored and learned from some very interesting people and I wanted to document these conversations and share their journey.  My goal is that these stories inspire others to take a chance, not be afraid to fail, and try something new with their careers. So that was why "Beers & Careers” was created.

We'd love to hear your story and hear about how you got to where you are today!

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